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The Interview Coach Ltd team have many years of management experience within corporate finance. In this time we have coached and developed a large number of candidates to be successful in achieving a new role.

There is a growing popularity amongst employers to adopt a situational style interview when assessing candidate suitability. For those that fail to make an impact on the hiring manager and fall short on the day, in our experience it is largely down to a lack of structure and detail when providing answers.

We believe every candidate should have the correct tools and a clear vision prior to interviewing. Our content has proven successful in providing individuals with a high quality approach to situational style interviews, meaning absolute confidence and detail can be expressed.

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the interview coach ltd

Our Services

No longer do you need to pay hefty per hour prices for private interview coaching. We have created an affordable and fully digital interview pack which is guaranteed to enhance your ability in the assessment room.

Your interview pack will contain:

* Video slideshow
* Detailed voiceover
* Clear 3 stage plan
* Bonus advanced techniques

Once you have completed your booking we will send your exclusive interview coaching pack to your chosen email address within 48 hours.

For best learning results and following successful purchase of the interview coaching pack we can also offer fully tailored 1 – 1 coaching through the Zoom conferencing app. Tailored coaching is dependent on availability.

Pricing is just a one-time payment of £11.99 for the digital interview coaching pack. Please contact us via our contact form, email or Instagram for more information on tailored 1 – 1 coaching price plans.

the interview coach ltd


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